Mother and child play in nature

Your Child's Development

According to the RDIA, in general, babies who are cloth diapered potty  train 6 months to a year earlier than those in disposables. It appears that this occurs because children in cloth diapers are able to recognize when they are wet. When babies are out of diapers at an earlier age, this only adds to your savings!  

Your Child's Skin

Our cloth diapers are made from 100% soft, natural fibers and free from  the chemicals and perfumes that are present in disposable diapers. This  makes cloth diapers more comfortable, breathable, and better for baby’s  sensitive skin. With today’s cloth diapers, there is no longer a need  for pins, which is much easier when dealing with a squirming baby!  

Environmental sustainability for green tomorrow

Your Environment

Of course, by using cloth diapers you will help make a positive impact  on the environment. Cloth diapers can be reused as many as 200 times  before being retired for use as cleaning rags. Our washing process also  uses minimal water and NO chlorine bleach while ensuring diapers are  clean and sanitized. Plus, by choosing cloth for just one child, you’ll  save over 6,500 diapers from going to the landfill.

Your Savings

Eighty conventional (Pampers) disposable diapers cost around $32.  

Eighty natural (7th Generation) disposable diapers cost around $35.  

Eighty cloth diapers with our service costs $26 - $32, depending on the type of service you choose.

Comparing total cost over 18 months: Disposables = $2,730 vs. The Diaper Wagon = $1,830.