Cloth Diapers are better for your baby blue eyes lying on side


The cloth diapers we provide are made from 100% soft, unbleached,  natural cotton. They are free of the chemicals and perfumes that are  present in disposable diapers. This makes our cloth diapers more  comfortable, breathable, and better for baby’s sensitive skin. The  incidence of diaper rash, skin irritation and allergic reaction is  greatly reduced when using cloth diapers. For more information see the  article in How Stuff Works: Are cloth diapers or disposable diapers safer for my child.

Many brands of single-use disposable diapers employ a super  absorbent gel composed of the chemical sodium polyacrylate, perfumes to  mask odor and dyes to provide a pleasing white. All of these unnatural  ingredients can result in to harm your baby. The chemical airborne and  topical irritants from single-use disposable diapers have been linked to  allergic reactions and toxic shock syndrome.

According to the RDIA babies who are cloth-diapered potty train  6 months to a year earlier than those in single-use (disposable)  diapers. This occurs because children in cloth diapers are able to  recognize when they are wet. When your children are out of diapers at an  earlier age the less diapering results in you saving money and  resources.