Frequently Asked Questions About Cloth Diapers

What is the advantage of using cloth diapers?

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Cloth diapers are an eco-friendly, natural alternative to single  use, disposable diapers. We use unbleached cotton diapers, great for  your baby's health and comfort. Wearing cloth diapers helps your baby  potty train earlier. Using a diaper service is more convenient and less  expensive than buying disposables. Each week we deliver fresh, clean  cotton diapers and pick up of all your dirties. By using The Diaper  Wagon you are supporting your local business community.

Does cloth cause more diaper rash?

Baby bottom diaper rash diaper cream infant diaper cloth

Not necessarily. Heat, wetness and extended exposure  to urea are the culprits that cause the dreaded diaper rash. Frequent changes will help with this. Our Cloth Diapers are breathable and chemical free (just  take a look at what's inside most disposable diapers - yikes!) so you have a recipe for a very healthy bottom! If the occasional rash does occur, give a call, we can talk you through it and make some great recommendations for treatment and ointment options.

Do all diaper rash creams work with cloth?

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Cloth diaper can have a long life. very much like our clothing they should be treated with some care. The main ingredients we try to avoid: Calamine, Cod liver oil and  Zinc oxide. Secondarily, cloth doesn't like Paraffin, petroleum jelly,  white or yellow petrolatum, and mineral oil. Ingredients and products that work well with cloth: Coconut oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, lanolin, vitamin E, and beeswax.    
This being said, you should use what works best for you, keep that baby-bottom happy and healthy.

Which diapers do you use?

All Natural Osocozy Unbleached Cloth Diapers

We use OsoCozy® unbleached, all cotton diapers. These diapers are  incredibly soft and absorbent.  The Indian prefold diapers are a  natural light brown color.  The bleaching process to produce white  diapers is not necessary since it can weaken the threads as well as  pollute the environment. 

How do I put on a cloth diaper?

Infant care holding baby How to put a cloth diaper on your baby

Check out this video which demonstrates five options of good cloth diapering technique.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Service

How does our service work?

newborn baby knit hat Our Diaper Service Overview

Every week we drop off the clean diapers in a waterproof diaper pail liner which doubles as our delivery bag. You just unpack the clean diapers from the liner and place it in your diaper pail. Throughout the week, you will put the soiled diapers in the pail. At the end of the week simply close the bag with the provided twist-tie and leave it outside for pick-up.  That's it!  You don't even need to be home.

What if you are going on vacation?

Vacation with or without cloth diapers infant baby

Before you leave for your vacation, just call our office or send an e-mail to let us know the dates you will not be needing service. If you wish to cloth diaper on vacation let us know you want some extra  diapers and we will give you extras for your trip.

What if you forget to put out your dirty diapers?

newborn laying baby blanket Diapers out on delivery day

We certainly understand how busy your life can be with small children. If the diapers are not on your porch when we arrive, we will call you at the contact number you provided. If you’re not available, please give us a call when you can, we may be able to come back by that day if we are still in the area.

More Frequently Asked Questions

What are the charges and what is included?

Diapering Accessories, Diaper Pail, Diaper Covers, Snap Velcro, Diaper Rash Cream, Safe Snappi Clips

The charge for 1 month (minimum duration) of our cloth diaper  service is $115.00, with discounts for longer service durations. We bill  monthly, 2 weeks prior to service period, payment is due in advance.
Our service includes three components: the rental of the cotton  diapers, the professional laundering of the diapers, and the weekly  pick-up and delivery of the diapers.

What is the cost comparison of cloth vs. disposable?

ecologically sustainable eco-friendly all natural Disposable and Cloth Diapers Cost Comparison

80 conventional (Pampers) disposable diapers cost around $33.00.  80 natural (7th Generation) disposable diapers cost around $35.00. 80  cloth diapers with our service costs $24 - $27, depending on the  duration of service you choose.  
Comparing the total cost over 18 months, the average child-in-diapers duration:
Disposables = $2,730 vs. Our Service = $1,830.

How do I know the diapers you deliver are clean?

Commercial Unimac Washer Extractor high efficiency commercial laundry equipment water saving

We have commercial washers and dryers, designed specifically for  industrial use, which use a multi-step process of high heat, soaping,  soaking and flushing. The cleaning agents we use are measured in precise  amounts. The entire process brings the cloth diapers back to the same  ph balance as your baby’s skin.