Our products and Process

Your child will be well taken care of as we choose only the best products available. Please see below for information about our the products we supply.

Osocozy Unbleached Indian Prefold Betterfit Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapers

We use  OsoCozy Prefold Betterfit cloth diapers. Our diapers are made from 100% soft, unbleached, cotton and are  free from the chemicals and perfumes that are present in disposable diapers. We have 5 size, from preemie to toddler so if you're committed to cloth, we've got you covered from birth to potty!

Eco-friendly Disposables

Bambo Eco-friendly Baby Diapers  are chlorine free, dermatologically tested, and made from forests where  more trees are planted than felled. They carry the official  environmental Nordic Eco-Label, the Swan, one of the strictest  accreditations in the world and maintain an entirely transparent  manufacturing process. Certified free of harsh and dangerous chemicals,  non-toxic and hypoallergenic, Bambo diapers rate the highest among  parents and in environmental sustainability.

sustainable diapering accessories green healthy baby diaper pIL DIAPER COVERS CREAM DIAPER PIN CLIPS

Sustainable Diapering Accessories

We offer the most reliable products to facilitate your cloth diapering experience: Thirsties diaper covers, diaper pail, diaper cream, Snappi diaper clips and deodorizing disks. These supplies are available in packages on our Sign Up page or through our Supply Store. 

Laundering Products

Our process of sanitizing the diapers is extremely environmentally friendly. In fact, it is even more environmentally friendly than home-laundering, because there is less water and detergent used per  diaper. The cleaning agents we use are measured in precise  amounts. The entire process brings the cloth diapers back to the same  ph balance as your baby’s skin. We use the most natural products  possible, such as enzymes, to break down the waste to be flushed out of the diapers. Instead of chlorine bleach we use Oxygen bleach (like peroxide) which uses oxygen to clean and is far more gentle on the environment and your baby's skin than chlorine bleach. Finally, the diapers are  thoroughly rinsed so there are no cleaning agents left in the fibers.  Sanitary conditions are the most important part of our business.

Laundering Equipment

Here at The Diaper Wagon we use UniMac  commercial washer-extractors and dryer-tumblers. This insures that the  diapers you put on your baby will be 100% clean. These machines offer  optimum sanitization, water conservation and energy efficiency.